About Willis F. Jackson III

Willis is a product geek with a strong engineering and development background. He grew up in a military family, where he learned the importance of responsibility, hard work, and getting results. He is a skilled problem solver with a knack for quickly understanding both people and complex systems.

Willis has had a few startup failures, but has learned tremendously from it. He spends most of his time pushing entrepreneurs to make decisions that make success more likely. In that vein, he is an advisor at KC StartupWeekends, Neighbor.ly, Death to Stock, and Burbio. You can hear about his approach to early customer development on Rocketship.fm.

Willis believes in the power of real, authentic human connections. It's one of the reasons he is bullish on the Kansas City startup community. His vision for the community centers around family because it focuses on human to human relationships.

Willis really believes in the power of core values, so he made his public. He won't even consider working closely with people who haven't read Tribal Leadership. He loves to get to know new people, especially if he can do something to help them on their journey, so feel free to connect below.

PS - don't get a bad hosting provider. His blog is down right now. Stay tuned