Hi, I'm Willis F. Jackson III

I am a startup founder, Product person, and all around hustler. My current venture is in stealth, though that will hopefully change soon.

I was previously the VP of Product at Apto helping to break stagnation and grow the business to a successful Series B fundraise, the first PM at Grove.co (IPO 2022) responsible for assembling an amazing team, and founder of a boutique early stage PM consutling company.

I have been studying product since 2010 and building startup product orgs since 2018. I love product people, making customers/users lives better, and the impact I get to have on both in my work. There is no single more important thing than understanding your customer, their world-view, their pains and frustrations, and how they view themselves.

My main motivation in life is to create opportunities for as many people as possible. Knowing that I help people to live the best life they possibly can is incredibly rewarding. Right now that means my customers, employees, and other stakeholders are treated well. I hope that the company we are building today will stand the test of time, enabling better economic opportunities for everyday Americans for decades to come.

If any of this resonates with you, reach out! I love connecting with like-minded folks.