Hi, I'm Willis F. Jackson III

I have been studying product since 2010 and building startup product orgs since 2018. I love product people, making customers/users lives better, and the impact I get to have on both in my work.

My product philosophy is built around the idea that first hand knowledge of our customer and their problems is the only way to build truly meaningful, impactful products. I have done over 800 structured problem discovery interviews in my career, and coached others through countless more. There is no single more important thing than understanding your customer, their world-view, their pains and frustrations, and how they view themselves.

I build teams that are exceptional at problem discovery, that prioritize rigorously, that drive learning for their company, and engage design/engineering partners to build priorities together. I put practices in place that leverage the knowledge of the stakeholders around Product and use it to build better products.

I focus on creating clear product cultures that value accountability and create more engaging work environments for our colleagues. We work to create strong threads connecting P&L through vision, strategy, roadmap, and prioritization decisions. Most importantly, I craft roles carefully to give PMs real autonomy and impact control, which makes it possible to pull the best talent into the orgs I build.

If any of this resonates with you, reach out! I love connecting with like-minded folks and maybe we can find a way to work together in the future.